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Lipoedema Nutritionist with Megan Pfeffer

September 29, 2022 Lorene Roberts | Productivity Strategist | Life Reinvention | Women of Wisdom | Mature Women | Inspirational Women | Episode 27
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Lipoedema Nutritionist with Megan Pfeffer
Show Notes

Have you ever experienced having a part of your body swell? Ache? Tight skin feeling? Numbness? These are some of the symptoms of Lipoedema, and many women experience this without knowing it is not normal.

Megan Pfeffer, our guest on this episode of Wow Love Light Inspire, talks about Lipoedema, the swelling brought on by the body's accumulation of lymph fluid. The function of lymph nodes is similar to that of a sink's drain. Fluid cannot drain if the drain is blocked.


2:36 - Why did I choose to specialize in Lipoedema?

7:38 - How does Lipoedema impact mobility?

19:39 - What is Lipoedemaand how do you know if you have Lipoedema?

28:55 - Knowing what you're targeting with which diet you'd take.

40:45 - The golden rules before you take on a diet.

"So many women have learned to live with symptoms for so long that they really normalize it and just think that it's always been that way, so it must be normal, but it's not normal…" Megan Pfeffer

"We're so used to being in stress that stress is now normal. Yes, we've normalized it within our own lifestyle, basically."  Lorene Roberts

"And it's so easy to judge a book by the cover, isn't it, but it's really a lack of understanding." Megan Pfeffer

"Misdiagnosing… means that you're not getting the right treatment plan… And you can actually worsen the condition by not giving them the proper treatment…" Megan Pfeffer

About the Guest: 

Megan Pfeffer is an Australian-based clinical nutritionist and the founder of I Choose Health, an international online and Melbourne-based in-person nutrition consulting clinic. Specialising in low carb & keto nutrition for women with lipedema, lymphedema, and breast cancer, Megan helps women to take back control of their health with an evidence-based approach supported by clinical and personal experience.

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