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The Importance of Communication in the Relationship | Sharron Brandon

September 02, 2022 Lorene Roberts | Productivity Strategist | Life Reinvention | Women of Wisdom | Mature Women | Inspirational Women | Episode 23
WOW Love Light Inspire the podcast
The Importance of Communication in the Relationship | Sharron Brandon
Show Notes

Does the current state of your relationships ever cross your mind? We may not always notice, but we're always changing and growing as individuals. It is only about how you are changing the course of your relationship with them.


Sharron Brandon, our guest on Wow Love Light Inspire this week, shares her knowledge of the science of relationships to help couples build their own unique "couple bubble." Sharron employs her intuition, expertise, and observational abilities to teach the art of having open, honest conversations driven by win-win outcomes. 



5:57 - Working together with your partner to break the pattern.

7:14 - Why nurturing needs to be a two way street.

18:09 - Relationships are hard work.

25:51 - How a love story differs from a life story.

35:51 - Showing appreciation to your partner, being relational.


“If we don’t grow together, we grow apart.”

-Sharron Brandon

“Your relationship is what the whole family is based on. So, if you don’t have a relationship, you don’t have a family.”

-Lorene Roberts

“Remaining connected is about having those intimate conversations. It’s about being able to learn how to fight fair and fight well… It’s about coming to the relationship with a relational mindset.”

-Sharron Brandon

“Intimacy is about knowing another person, deeply understanding their internal world, showing appreciation and gratitude for that internal world, being able to listen with compassion and empathy.”

-Sharron Brandon

About the Guest:

Sharron Brandon is a qualified therapist with a focus on interpersonal connections. She believes that lives are established on relationships with family and friends and that the value of those relationships determines the quality of life. According to a study, having harmonious relationships will enhance our quality of life. She collaborates with her clients to address the issues that brought them to therapy and establish a new approach for their future relationships.

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