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How to Listen to the Guidance of Spirit | Vibecke Garnas

August 26, 2022 Lorene Roberts | Productivity Strategist | Life Reinvention | Women of Wisdom | Mature Women | Inspirational Women | Episode 22
WOW Love Light Inspire the podcast
How to Listen to the Guidance of Spirit | Vibecke Garnas
Show Notes

Did you ever wonder if there's ever a way for you to see visions to guide you with your destiny? Or maybe something that could help you understand and embrace who you are? 

Welcome to Wow Love Light Inspire Podcast. This episode is about spiritual guidance, where our guest, Vibecke Garnaas, will speak about how the spirits gave her visions of her future and kept her on track with how she wanted to live her life.


3:16 - Being aware of my spirit guide as a child 

9:16 - Reconnecting with my spirit guide.

20:01 - How to tell if it's my consciousness or my spirit guide. 

33:37 - Why should you listen to your spirit guide at a soul level?

"Every journey is unique, but the lessons and how we look at our lives as a gift, rather than challenges all the time."

-Vibecke Garnaas

"Anything that can calm your energy really makes you sensitive to your own emotions."

-Vibecke Garnaas

"There are no coincidences to your life, and you chose this life, and that physical body, and that human you based on what your soul is here to achieve and learn. So knowing that there's a destiny that's always in play, and how you can tune into your destinies depends on your frequency where you are."

-Vibecke Garnaas

About the Guest:

Vibecke Garnaas is a spiritual coach from Norway. She uses her gift to give insight, knowledge, and wisdom about the spiritual journey all humans are experiencing and help them embrace their true essence by reconnecting with their spirit and soulfully living their life.

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