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Highlighting Patterns in Organisational Constellations.

July 29, 2022 Lorene Roberts | Productivity Strategist | Life Reinvention | Women of Wisdom | Mature Women | Inspirational Women | Episode 18
WOW Love Light Inspire the podcast
Highlighting Patterns in Organisational Constellations.
Show Notes

Lorene Roberts speaks to the inspirational Jacqui Collie on this week's episode of Wow Love Light Inspire as this weeks woman of wisdom guest, Jacqui Collie, discuss what organizational Constellation is, how it works, the power it can have resolving personal, structural and business issues for individual businesses, and why it can be helpful for you if you are a business owner, a manager in business or even an employee by working through the hidden dynamics to obtain a favourable outcome.  

Sometimes, we don't always get the job we are aiming for. Have you ever felt like the job you have isn't something you truly want to do? Or maybe you like your job but something doesn't feel right about it.  As women we often just put up with things, but finding out our own strengths, learning who we are and what makes us tick, so we know how to deal with the variety of problems and people, so we build good relationships and work through issues can make a difference in our lives.  Constellations can provide us with the answers to even the most basic of questions and put us on the right path in our careers, relationships and business.

Jacqui inspires us by explaining how to achieve good outcomes using strengths in real examples combined with systemic structural organizational constellations.


8:06 - What is an Organizational Constellation?

13:21 - My experience over job and passion.

16:25 - How Organizational Constellations can utilize the people in a workplace.


"It was giving me the survival skills that I needed to survive in that job. But it wasn't actually fulfilling the passion that I had inside me, my strengths, where I can actually move has made a major difference to the direction I'm now going."  

"Just like life, you've got so many different tools in your toolkit, and bringing them all together can actually change the whole direction."

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